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A strong California – continuing to grow, compete, and innovate on a global scale – is essential to America. 


Rising and emerging regions of California provides a dynamic environment for world-class teams to research, develop, and commercialize new ideas. 


Why? Open air space, ocean sanctuaries, agricultural innovation, manufacturing capacity, rising research institutions, and more – emerging, rural, inland, and underestimated environments have new gravity to commercialize and innovate.

HawkTower fosters an ecosystem for world-class founders in markets largely unsupported by traditional approaches.


Critical portions of California lack growth startups that compete globally and spur job creation. The result is a brain drain and economic inequity. 

Today, less than 1% of California’s venture capital flows to underleveraged California. This includes cities like Fresno, Merced, Sacramento, Davis, Modesto, Bakersfield, Salinas, Santa Cruz, Monterey, and other emerging hubs (according to Pitchbook).

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The solution

HawkTower works on the ground to change this dynamic. We invest and partner to establish the entrepreneurial infrastructure that delivers high-quality startup formation at scale. 


HawkTower backs entrepreneurs who believe they can innovate and commercialize outside traditional hubs. We foster startups that address real-world opportunities and imperatives. We help enable the convergence of AI with industries like Mobility, Biocircular, Agriculture, Water, Defense, and more. 

We deeply engage and participate in developing untapped opportunities in the Golden State. Our framework for startup growth and accelerator programs combines a rigorous application and selection process, world-class programming and mentorship, and funding on arrival. 

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